Welcome Participants

Consulting, Startups, Australia, New Ventures,TechnologyFirst of all, we would like to thank all our participants who have participated in this carnival. We are happy to announce that we have received 23 28 applications for the event. This has been a great outcome considering the short time frame we were working in. Ideally, we were looking at 40-50 applications but some of the startups have become full grown businesses now and don’t consider them startups anymore, moreover and other was we tried so many VCs to come on board but nobody came on board.

We are still negotiating sponsorships for the event with 2 organizations one will be a major sponsorship for the event if finalised we will pass on the sponsorship to winners of the carnival. 2 smaller sponsors have come on board, once we get the money it will help us in recovering tiny cost and support the enormous day and night efforts going on behind the scenes to make this happen.

Our Judges have started working on putting together the guidelines and soon will be on the task of scrutinizing the profile. It’s a lot of commitment of their time; for which we don’t have any words to describe their effort, at least to say we are highly appreciative and thankful for their support and efforts.

From Monday, March 3, 2008, we are going to start sharing all the information we have collected in the last 2 weeks with everyone. Good luck to all the participants and we look forward to having all of you at the carnival.

And finally, this is the list of participants:
Update: Added Surprise Entries Covered under Canival
Update : Now carnival is finished, but we are now furter updating this list as we cover more ventures.


Anonymous said…
Vishal has pulled together an interesting mix of the good, the bad and,well, you get the picture - key thing is they are all having a go and being entrepreneurial.

One thing I noticed is how few of the sites detail the founders on the "About" pages -- yes, I want to know what you have built, but I also am really interested in who you are, what motivated you to build what you've built - 3eep does an admirable job at this.
Anonymous said…
How do new small businesses get involved in this please?