VS Consulting Group, Business Development, Strategic Planning, Technology TrendsToday we are covering a new startup in mobile and advertising space - BeamMe.Info

Co-founded by, Alex Macpherson, Brad Down, and Tim Murray, in 2007, BeamMe.Info is a web platform that allows website owners to add a Send to Mobile button alongside relevant and valuable content their visitors/users might be looking for. Perfect for desktop web users looking for promotional codes, address listings, event times and places, transport confo's, product info, etc. Rather than printing it out or writing it down, it's a simple click and send function that sends the required info to your phone via SMS. Also perfect for the delivery of mobile URLs to drive traffic to mobile web assets, while users are on the go. There is also a powerful ad-supported model that allows website owners to turn the SMS expense into a revenue opportunity by allowing targeting and relevant advertising messages on the bottom of their Beams. This is a compelling new channel for advertisers to open up a conversation with potential customers directly on their mobile handset alongside valued content requested moments before.
Let us explore a bit more about Alex, his journey as an entrepreneur and the changing landscape of innovation in Australia.

• Stage:VS Consulting Group, Business Development, Strategic Planning, Technology Trends
Public Beta

• Objectives
To allow web users to get information to their phone, when and where they want it.

• Unique point:
First free to user, free to set up button of its type in Australia

• Business Model :
BeamMe.Info takes a small clip on the cost of each SMS sent via the system.
  • For Users the service is free, and no registration is required.
  • For Website Owners, there are no set up or account fees, they only pay for the actual SMS usage in any given month. Or if electing for the ad-supported model, the expense is negated by the advertising proceeds.
  • For Advertisers, a competitive bidding process takes place. The proceeds cover the SMS expense and any proceeds above transmission costs are split between website owners, affiliates and BeamMe.Info
Customer Type:
No specific set, just people online looking for information

• Major Customers:

• Age Benefit:
Predominantly a younger age set, but anyone who can use basic web and SMS is fine.

• Users:
100 clients, 10,000 users to date.

• Marketing:
All PR based, and the button advertises itself on client sitesVS Consulting Group, Business Development, Strategic Planning, Technology Trends

• Funding Stage:
Angel, raised AUD 0.5million in Sep 0.7, Passively seeking next stage funding.

• Technology:
PHP, MySQL, Ajax, JavaScript.

• Hosting:
Media Temple CA, USA

• Catch up with others doing similar things: Not often, there are not that many players. Perhaps only Campaign Mobile and Share This

• What's your thought on being an entrepreneur? How tough it is to start a venture in Australia?
In short, I love it. I don't think starting a venture here is any more or less difficult than anywhere else in the world. You are met with more or less the same risks and challenges. However Australian investors tend to be more risk averse by nature and tend not to see as much blue sky as their US counterparts. As such funding rounds and growth profiles tend to be less aggressive.

• Which city in Australia is more vibrant and can be regarded as the Silicon Valley of Australia?
I don't think we really have a central hub of tech here in Oz. I am seeing all sorts of tech ventures coming from all our centres.

• What do you think of new ventures and innovation coming out of Australia?
Not too bad given we are a relatively small marketplace in a global context. However, still some room to move and improve.

• What do you think of our TAFE/Universities and their curriculum in terms of promoting and encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation?
It's been a while since I studied, and although the material back then was reasonable, there was never really much of that get up and do it yourself entrepreneurial spirit. I don't think you really get inspired by the nature or quality of material in a given curriculum, moreso the person delivering the information to you, and I was not fortunate enough to encounter any of those rare lecturers or teachers that inspired me that way.

• What do you think government (federal and state) should do to improve the culture of innovation?
First and foremost, sort out the construction of a high-speed broadband network as soon as possible.

• At the 2020 conference, PM Kevin Rudd is meeting with the top 1000 people from different backgrounds to discuss and collaborate on the issues facing the nation. What issues would you like to raise if you are given an opportunity to attend?
The single biggest issue in my mind is our approach to Global Warming and the environment. We and our leaders need to rapidly move past our 'self interest prevails' mindset and gain some traction with emissions reduction. The cost of doing nothing will be far greater than any cost we will endure now, and we need some robust, flexible and lasting leadership to make the required changes as a matter of top priority.

• Advice for people starting up:
Fasten your seatbelt! It's quite a ride. Be sure to get revenue in the door as soon as possible.

Thanks, Alex for sharing your thoughts. We look forward to hearing from you in future on the progress of BeamMe.Info. All the best for BeamMe.Info.

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