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GoPC - Entire Desktop in Cloud

In the ongoing coverage of exploring new startups coming out of Australia, today we explore a promising startup - GoPC - is next generation “cloud computing”. It is your entire PC desktop along with your applications and data, but runs across the Internet from a super computer and projects a screen image to any device you happen to be sitting at. It's founded by Graeme Speak from Perth, Australia. In email-based interview with Graeme, conducted in Dec 2008, he explained how he is progressing with his venture. This is what he has to say: • Please tell us about yourself, your background and interests? My name is Graeme Speak. I’m the CEO/Founder of GoPC and currently based in San Francisco/Silicon Valley. I also founded and ran another company in Australia, Central Data, which operates a data centre and specialises in Outsourcing projects (network and software development). It’s now been running for 28 years. I studied Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science an

Interview With Emily Freeman - Status of Mobile Advertising in Australia

I recently did an email-based interview with Emily Freeman, founder of Mobilist , one of the emerging mobile consultants on the Status of Mobile Advertising in Australia. Let's explore what she has to say about this emerging platform and the opportunity: • Please tell us about yourself, your background and interests? My background is a mix of marketing and online. After my Marketing degree, I worked in marketing & product management for companies like Ernst & Young, Fairfax & Microsoft in the UK . I've always been interested in technology - even in 1997 at Fairfax I managed CD-ROM products! In the dot com boom, I worked as a community manager for a startup and luckily ended up in a stable role at Sensis when the crash came. At Sensis, I managed websites like Whereis Online and in 2004 I was offered the opportunity to develop Sensis' first WAP products. Back then there was no mobile industry, so it's exciting to have been part of something from the v

Emerging Business and Executive Women of Australia

Stephanie Rice  became the golden girl from Glamour Girl after winning the gold in the Beijing Olympics. In a country like ours where we look for role models, we normally follow people who are accomplished sports person. We definitely don't have as many role models in the business community as compared to sports, which also suggests some interesting aspects of our society. In a knowledge-based economy like ours, it's vital that we need to encourage people to look at entrepreneurship as a career. There are not many people who follow this path here, but there are some who have chosen this path especially if you are a woman, which makes it more laudable. So I have compiled this list of emerging Business and Executive Women of Australia, who are not only contributing to our economy but also helping others to flourish in their ventures. Let's look at this list: Amanda Gomes , founder of online website SmartCompany - the website for SMEs and entrepreneurs. After 20 years in prin