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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the objective of the carnival? A1. Carnival is the first step in creating an ecosystem where, we can learn about Aussie startups in various fields spanning from IT/Telco to Media/Games, and help those who want to dive into it or may join these upcoming ventures. We strongly feel that there are loads of new ventures starting, but they don't get to see the light of the real world, for various reasons. We intend to help these ventures by creating a platform and environment where they can learn/share/help others in their journey. Starting up a new venture or learning about how to go about it, is like black magic. When we look for some help/expertise or some formal education specifically on entrepreneurship, we just get some elementary education or basic guidance. In today's digital world, there is high-level information about business models and how companies are doing, how and what they did and so on. There is not much guidance/help available freely on how we should go