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Applebox - Sunday Surprise

We had a few late entries for the registration , most of them made it into the final list but a few missed out. So we thought let us cover them as a surprise package. These entries are not eligible for participation in the competition. So today's surprise entry is APPLEBOX . APPLEBOX is the easiest way to rent DVDs ever. It operates as a local store giving customers immediate access to find and watch DVDs as they always have, but our entire catalogue is online which means as well as browsing in-store, customers can browse and make selections from home or work as well. It has dramatically reduced the barn-like size of a Video Ezy to a small comfortable space without the racks and shelving. All the stocks are held in high-density, behind-the-counter storage, and when customers find and select a movie our system allocates an available disc to them. The selected item is available for them to pick up by the end of the day. Search, book, pickup ... simple. The system operates in real-