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Acquisition of EDS by HP is about 3 C’s

Its now becoming clear to me that the recent acquisition of EDS by HP is about 3 C’s - Consulting, Cloud & Computing. The IT industry is rapidly moving towards cloud computing, which is explained here in lay men terms, courtesy of Google and Amazon. EDS brings software development, management and consultin g practices, which HP doesn’t have as their software consulting business never made big. So this is a no brainier that by getting EDS its sending the message in marketplace th at they want to eng age in consulting , IBM is the target here. In addition to this the main/re al aspect of this deal is about Cloud Computing – which has 3 basic pillars , Software As A Service (SAAS – Made Popular By Salesforce), IAAS – Infrastructure As A Service (Made Popular By Amazon), PAAS – Platform As A Service, which is an emerging trend where Google and Amazon are leaders. Microsoft is way behind in this space but they are trying with no success yet(Yahoo’s massive search infrastructure