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Emerging Business and Executive Women of Australia

Stephanie Rice  became the golden girl from Glamour Girl after winning the gold in the Beijing Olympics. In a country like ours where we look for role models, we normally follow people who are accomplished sports person. We definitely don't have as many role models in the business community as compared to sports, which also suggests some interesting aspects of our society. In a knowledge-based economy like ours, it's vital that we need to encourage people to look at entrepreneurship as a career. There are not many people who follow this path here, but there are some who have chosen this path especially if you are a woman, which makes it more laudable. So I have compiled this list of emerging Business and Executive Women of Australia, who are not only contributing to our economy but also helping others to flourish in their ventures. Let's look at this list: Amanda Gomes , founder of online website SmartCompany - the website for SMEs and entrepreneurs. After 20 years in prin

Story of an Aussie Entrepreneur - Mother of 4 and Owns 3 Ventures

Today we showcase the story of a woman entrepreneur, mum of 4 and 3 successful ventures under her belt, Meg Tsiamis , founder of dLook , Obits , Aussie Bloggers from Sydney, Australia. In a candid interview with us, she explained how as a mum and an entrepreneur she is managing and juggling. This is what she has to say in her interview with us : • Please tell us about yourself, your background and interests? I guess I’m a bit of a late bloomer. I married at twenty and had my first child at 23. My s tudies were haphazard, and I finally graduated from Uni when I was 31 and launched straight into graduate studies. A glutton for punishment. My earlier working life consisted of a range of accounting and administrative type roles. In 2000 I set up a finance brokerage which I grew until I started with the internet ventures. Interests? Blogging I guess! • How did you become an entrepreneur, tell us your thought process and how i t began? Quite by accident really! One night my husband was loo

Kahuna Bay - A Story of a Young Woman Entrepreneur

Today we showcase the story of a young woman entrepreneur, Susie Hambleton, founder of Kahuna Bay , from Gold Coast, Australia. Kahuna Bay - is a brand of tropical-styled homewares and accessories. The Kahuna Bay products are sold in boutiques and homewares stores in Australia as well as online in the web boutique. The products are made from natural materials such as sea shells, mango wood, sandstone, mother of pearl, freshwater pearls and silk. We explored a bit further about Susie and her journey as a woman entrepreneur. This is what she has to say in her interview with us: • Please tell us about yourself, your background and interests? I live on the Gold Coast. I am Australian but grew up in California. I have an MBA from California State University and a Bachelors in Management and Marketing. When I’m not consumed with my business…you’ll usually find me at the beach, in yoga class or hanging out with friends. I’m learning to surf and always surround myself with people. The