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NetDefence - Protecting Business From Technology Threats

Today we showcase an exciting and successful venture founded by, Tim Moreillon from, Geelong, Australia, NetDefence . In a recent email-based interview with Tim, he gave insights into his venture and how he is progressing with it. This is what he has to say: • Please tell us about yourself, your background and interests? Out of school, I worked in the car industry for 8 years, doing everything from sales to IT to administration to compliance to management. I felt like a change after this and decided to focus my attention on the Information technology field. My interests include music, cars, photography and of course, technology! • Please tell us about your venture/company? NetDefence helps businesses protect themselves from technology threats. We go out to the market and find the best-of-breed solutions for our clients and ensure they and their staff can use the Internet and be shielded from malicious threats, scams and fraud. We also help businesses meet their compliance needs. As le

Morfik - Development Tools for Rich Internet Applications

Today we showcase an exciting and successful technology business co-founded by Aram Mirkazemi, from Tasmania, Australia. Morfik - a commercial vendor of professional software development tools. Morfik was established to address the need for an integrated high-end development tool that empowers software developers to leverage their existing skills to build Rich Internet Applications without the need to master Web technologies such as HTML/CSS/HTTP/SOAP etc. In a recent email based interview with Aram, he gave insights into his venture and how he is progressing with it. This is what he has to say: • Please tell us about yourself, your background and interests? I am a professional software developer with many years of entrepreneurial experience in developing commercial CAD systems and Web Application Development tools. My interests are Rapid Application Development (RAD), Integrated Development Environments (IDE), Rich Internet Applications (RIA) Using Ajax and emerging technologies,


The 16th participant is ITQSM ITQSM - Information Technology Quality Service Management, is focused on the practical application of specific areas of IT best practice management. A key area of our undertaking is described in ITIL terms as configuration management. At a high level, it is the practice of mapping services to dispersed infrastructure to measure end-to-end cost, availability, risk exposure, service availability and general governance factors. Also on offer is the delivery of IT Training courses covering these management aspects as well a substantial offering of courses dealing with Open Source Software in the enterprise environment. Started by Brendan Martin, in early 2008, it is the culmination of several years of work under the Open Source Banner of hosts several open-source VM guests running a variety of asset and configuration management tools as well as providing downloads references to VM guests covering other areas of IT management. Let us