Australia, Startup, Technology Consulting, VS Consulting GroupFirst of all, we would like to thank all who participated in this carnival, participants, our elite panel of Judges, our sponsors, CeBIT Australia, which is our major sponsor, SmartPath, Cagora, and BuiltWith and our readers. This has been a great exercise for all of us involved. Our efforts have been received well everywhere we have contacted and those who have contacted us or given feedback.

As we have said we want to expand our coverage in areas like IT (Enterprise, Product, Opensource, SAAS, eCommerce,)/Telecom (Mobile, OSS/BSS), Media (News, Social Networking), Marketing/Branding, Green Tech (Sustainability, Carbon trading), R&D. So continuing that commitment we are expanding and making some headways in that direction.

As part of our ongoing efforts of providing more exposure to startups coming out of Australia and helping them, CeBIT Australia is interested in talking to all of you and would like to contact you in regards to the upcoming Transaction2.0 conference being organized, solely aimed at new startups.

On our front what we are doing, well:
  • We are going to keep this portal as it is and will further expand on this coverage. Soon 3 more profiles will be published in the coming days.
  • We are also conducting interviews with people who started their startups but now have matured businesses, CEOs, Media Personalities, Philanthropists, and VCs in the coming weeks and will be published here and shared with all of you.
  • We are in the process of compiling a report on the feedback/data gathered/other sources to present what's happening in IT/Telecom/Innovation/Ventures/VCs in Australia and will be posted on the portal in the coming weeks.
  • Vishal has been invited to CeBIT Australia and he hopes to see and meet you all in person if you are going there and meet new people.
We are trying our best to learn/share/help about new ventures and if you have any feedback, suggestions or tips please feel free to contact us.

Also, we do advise please keep this portal's feed and Vishal's blog feed subscribed to know what's happening.

Image credit: The above Image is used from Stampit