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Welcome our Judges...

Australia, Startups, Judging Panel, Venture Capital, VS Consulting Group, Technology TrendsAfter a lot of search, discussions and email exchange, VS Consulting Group is thrilled to announce the 3 Member Judging Panel for the Australian Startups Carnival 2008.

The Judging panel has a tough job to judge all the ventures on originality, simplicity, technology and marketability. They will select the top three and will also provide some suggestions to all participants. More details will be worked out in coming weeks with there esteem help.

The Judges are :

Duncan Riley :
A writer, developer, speaker and blogging evangelist. After many years on line, including stints authoring politically focused websites he discovered the then new blogging in 2002, founding The Blog Herald which went on to become a Top 100 blog worldwide at the time. In 2005 he co-founded the b5media blog network, a company now based in Canada that took $2 million US in Venture Capital funding in 2006.

Duncan left b5media in late 2006 and now enjoys his time as a freelance writer and developer, including time writing for TechCrunch, the 4th most popular blog online and regarded by many to be the bible of Web 2.0. To know more about him, check his blog.

Justin Davies:

He is Regional Director for Ross Human Directions Consulting Division. In this role, he assists businesses to improve the effectiveness of what they do through IT Strategic Planning, Business Analysis, Business Case Development and Application Development and Support through with 30 strong Perth team. To know more about him, check out his blog.

Ross Dawson :

A strategy leader, keynote speaker, and best selling author. He is CEO of consulting firm Advanced Human Technologies, based in Sydney and San Francisco, and Chairman of Future Exploration Network, a global events and consulting firm specializing in the future of business. To know more about him, check out his blog.

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Anonymous said…
Congratulations Aussies! Have any of your readers checked out Sun Microsystem's Startup Essentials Program for x64 servers on the cheap? They should check it @

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