Offering Sponsorship for Australian Startups Carnival 2008

As posted earlier we are starting Aussie Startups Carnival 2008. Startups covered during this carnival will be from telecom, web, green computing, media and other segments. We are expecting more than 60 startups to be covered during this carnival. This will be a good place to learn about the people who are behind these startups, their approach, technology and their future plans. Details of how to enter the carnival will be posted here next week.

We are offering sponsorship ad units, on the sidebar of this site and at the bottom of each profile post. As a sponsor, you will be associating your brand with this coverage of Australian Startups, read by thousands of influential people every day.

Ad Specs:

  • 125 by 125, 468 by 60 and 250 by 250-pixel size
  • Links to the company product page
  • You may insert a tracking code to monitor the performance of your ad
Pricing is:
  • 125 by 125 pixel size - on the sidebar of the whole site is - 499.00 AUD
  • 468 by 60-pixel size - on each profile of a startup is 59.90 AUD
  • 250 by 250-pixel size - on each profile of a startup is 79.90 AUD

Contact us if you need more information.

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Acknowledgment: The image is provided by Uvouch