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Why Startups Carnival ?

Background : Australian Startups Carnival - 2008 is an initiative by VS Consulting Group . This online (web-based) carnival is all about learning about new ventures started/surfaced in IT, Telecoms, Green Tech, Media, and Web 2.0/Social Networking in the last couple of years. Vishal covered the state of web 2.0  startups in 2006 for ReadWriteWeb . But since then a lot of water has gone under. We are now expanding our coverage, as some great ideas are being put together and executed. We intend to discover the people behind these startups, their motivations, how the future looks from their perspective, what technologies are being used, what market segments they are targeting, their mistakes, their advice and more. Why: One of the main reasons we are doing this  is to make this black art of starting up more open and easy. When we look on the web there is so much high-level information about business models and how companies are doing, blah blah, but not much on how we should go about it

Growing List of Australian Startups

Today I'm publishing the list of Australian Startups that have surfaced on the global map in the last 3-5 years and got coverage on our Startups Portal . This is an ongoing endeavour to learn more about new technology-based startups in IT (Enterprise, Product, Open source, SAAS, eCommerce, Web 2.0/3.0), Telecom (Mobile, OSS/BSS), Media (News, Social Networking), Marketing/Branding, Green Tech (Sustainability, Carbon trading), R&D. The following list will be updated regularly as we learn more about startups and cover it here. If you know any new venture or startup which we should know then please feel free to contact us . Let us look at the list now: Adimade Agents of Cha nge Ankoder ApartmentReviews AppleBox Australiaforum BeamMe.Info Booktagger Boozle Brownbook Buzka Cinergix Clickfind Clivir Coastal Watch Community Enabler Confer Debenu Docoloco Etradesman Flogd FreeConnect Front Foo

Clivir - Learning Community

In the ongoing coverage of exploring new startups coming out of Australia, today we explore a promising startup in E-Learning - Clivir . It was founded by Simon from Perth Australia. In a recent email-based interview with Simon, he explained how he is progressing with his venture. • Please tell us about yourself, your background and interests? I have always been interested in teaching people. I have been in training/teaching for about 8 years. I was a high school science teacher for a while then moved into training people with disabilities. For the last few years, I have been training specialist software. • Please tell us about your venture/company? Clivir features tutorial-style lessons that can be created by combining text with web-based resources from sites like YouTube, Photobucket, Flickr and Scribd etc. These lessons are grouped within member-created classrooms that provide informal learning environments for discussions and member interactions. Don’t let tutorials get lost in

Matt Ireland, Aussie Entrepreneur - Owner of 3 Successful Ventures

Today we showcase the story of an entrepreneur with 3 successful ventures under his belt, Matthew Ireland, founder of , & from Sydney, Australia. In a candid interview with us, he explained how as an entrepreneur he is managing and juggling. This is what he has to say in his interview with us : • Please tell us about yourself, your background and interests? I’m Matt Ireland, founder and manager of , & . Based between Sydney & Newcastle I have a huge passion and interest in the possibilities and developments of the Internet and am always keen to read up on entrepreneurs and people who have been there and done it. Huge sports fan outside of ‘work’ and enjoy a beer with friends and family. • What is the name of your venture/company? Our current portfolio of online businesses includes , Mi neOnlin & – stay focused on

Interview With Emily Freeman - Status of Mobile Advertising in Australia

I recently did an email-based interview with Emily Freeman, founder of Mobilist , one of the emerging mobile consultants on the Status of Mobile Advertising in Australia. Let's explore what she has to say about this emerging platform and the opportunity: • Please tell us about yourself, your background and interests? My background is a mix of marketing and online. After my Marketing degree, I worked in marketing & product management for companies like Ernst & Young, Fairfax & Microsoft in the UK . I've always been interested in technology - even in 1997 at Fairfax I managed CD-ROM products! In the dot com boom, I worked as a community manager for a startup and luckily ended up in a stable role at Sensis when the crash came. At Sensis, I managed websites like Whereis Online and in 2004 I was offered the opportunity to develop Sensis' first WAP products. Back then there was no mobile industry, so it's exciting to have been part of something from the v

WasabiTV - Watch and Download Free Online TV and Video

In the ongoing coverage of exploring new startups coming out of Australia, today we explore a promising startup in the online video platform segment - WasabiTV . It was co-founded by Ananth Sarathy from Sydney Australia. In a recent email based interview with Ananth, he explained how he is progressing with his venture. • Please tell us about yourself, your background and interests? Ananth Sarathy and Daniel Brunet met at an Apple reseller and remained in contact over the next few years. Ananth Sarathy, Co-founder/The Digital Media and Strategic Partnerships Clown.- Has a degree in Business and IT, who has worked for Australia's Largest retailers as a Senior Business Analyst and like Daniel has a passion for All things Australia, whether it be Content or Intellectual Property and Innovation. Daniel Brunet, Co-founder/Code Monkey - Is a freelance web designer and developer, bringing his interest in the Arts, Video and Music to life with the tools of the web. A Graphic guru was able

Digital will be about M3 and N3

This is the second guest post by Rajesh Jain , an entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India, and Founder and Managing Director of Netcore Solutions Pvt Ltd . He has put together his thoughts on News and Content in a Digital World. Let's explore what he has to say: On Friday (August 1), I was part of a panel at an event organized by Afaqs - “ The Future of News. ” My panel’s topic was “Who will subsidise Digital Content?” Here is a gist of what was spoken: It’s not about subsidising but about monetisation: Thinking subsidies necessarily implies that the primary source of revenue is somewhere else. How can we look at the digital world independently and see how content can be monetised? On the Internet, the only revenue stream is advertising. My belief is that the mobile is where the big action and opportunities lie. On mobile, one can create multiple monetisation streams - from not just advertisers, but also subscribers, merchants and enterprises. For this, creating a direct-to-consumer