Front Foot- Media Solutions for Mobile Phone and Internet

Today we showcase the story of an exciting venture, from Melbourne & Sydney, Australia, Front Foot - Media Solutions for mobile phones and the internet, co-founded by Anton Sher, Ben Astill, and Richard Lennox.

In a recent email-based interview with Anton, he gave insights into how he is managing and juggling. This is what he has to say in his interview with us:

• How long it took before it was up and running
Front Foot started in April 2006 and we launched our first mobile site in January 2007. Since then we have built several mobile sites, including the Winner and Runner-Up at AIMIA's 2009 industry Awards for EA and Sky Racing respectively.

• Stage of Venture
Three years on and our portfolio is growing. We now have a mobile ad server, billing and alert systems, and video platforms, and are integrated into Australian carriers. Currently, Front Foot is looking at several export opportunities.

• Which Market Segment
Front Foot provides mobile solutions for all market segments depending on the business, brand, or site. Our core focus is on mobile, with our own sites built for niche segments that aren't fully catered for such as our Flight Info, Traffic Info, and Winning Numbers sites. We have a strong background in Sport, Racing and Games which can be seen in our award-winning work for EA, Sky Racing, as well as other clients such as Essendon FC and Sportingbet.

• Customers

We provide B2B and B2C products and services. Our customers include content publishers, telcos, ad agencies, and consumers. Our mobile solutions are powered by sophisticated proprietary technical systems that are the best in the market.

• Targeted Age Group
All ages

• Users Using Service
Across the board, we are approaching six digits for the number of users, and doing well more than 1 million mobile page impressions per month

• Marketing Technique
This depends largely on the product and the client's objectives. We can tailor a broad range of marketing solutions ranging from portal advertising for carrier-integrated products, to strategic mobile ad banners for direct-to-consumer sites. We also utilise other digital mediums, all to provide clear and simple access to a mobile web page or site on which we can provide detailed analytics and feedback.

• Measuring Success
This depends on the client. Financially the payback period for the majority of our clients is measured in months and on occasion weeks.

• Monetizing/Revenue Model
Front Foot revenue models are varied. We are able to work on mutually beneficial terms that differ from client to client. It is important to be flexible. Even our own sites use different revenue models ranging from subscription to advertising, and even a combination of both. With our clients, we also have a mix of fee-for-service and revenue share.

• Main competitors
Various companies in different spheres.

• Technology Stack used
Front Foot's proprietary Mobile Delivery System (MDS) is widely acknowledged. It is featured in the Australian Technology Showcase and used to deliver multiple services with leading carriers. Its key features include:
  • modular framework enabling mobile/web development;
  • delivers both on and off-deck solutions in a single application;
  • Customisable to customer requirements;
  • integrated to multiple carriers;
  • highly scalable and reliable
• How Much Money is Used/Reqd.
Mobile site prices start at a few thousand $AUD and go from there depending largely upon scope, complexity, integration and support.

• Advice For People
Quality of execution will maximise your success

• Your Education/Professional Background
Front Foot directors have substantial new media experience and are all tertiary educated in their field.

• External Funding

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