Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stripe - Australia’s First Mobile Radio Subscription Service

Today we are delighted to bring you a new venture from Sydney, Stripe - Australia’s first mobile radio subscription service and the first digital radio network to launch in Australia. It utilises broadband and 3G networks and allows you to listen to any Stripe radio station from your computer and most 3G mobile phones, wherever you are in Australia!.

Their music stations are all genre specific and commercial free including 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, disco, country, metal, rock, hip hop, Japanese pop and many more, all accessible from your 3G mobile phone.

We will soon be covering their venture in more detail as part of our interview series, in the meantime this is what Stripe Management has to say in their press release.
In a move which is expected to increase the take‐up of 3G mobile services in Australia, Stripe will launch over 30 new radio stations, Australia wide. The Stripe service will allow the Australian public to access 40 stations by Christmas and 100 by the end of 2009, via the internet and their 3G mobile phones for just under $10 per month.

Catering for all music tastes and addressing some huge gaps in the current commercial radio market, Stripe’s ‐ music stations are 100% ad free and will initially include mainstream music pop and rock, plus a variety of genre specific content.

Later this year, Stripe will be syndicating a number of stations from other global media outlets, plus local music and entertainment, kids, country, Christian and alternative. Over the next 12 months, the full station roll out will deliver the ultimate Stripe offering; including news, sport,
traffic, weather, entertainment, ethnic, lifestyle and comedy, providing radio listeners with choice and a radio service never seen in Australia.

Stripe’s proprietary broadcast platform enables end‐to‐end digital transmission of radio with song metadata, and a rich and interactive user interface. Each of the stations has been audio engineered to suit the content, music genre or era, ensuring that the listener will experience it the way it should be.

After two successful rounds of raising private venture capital, Stripe has been developing their proprietary network, technology and content offerings. Since 2006, network testing and consumer trials have all demonstrated that Stripe will deliver a superior listening service and network coverage.

Iain Bartram, Managing Director of Stripe said, “We are pleased to be launching this great radio service to the Australian marketplace, giving radio listeners a major benefit from owning a 3G handset. People can now choose to pay less than $10 per month to experience great ad‐free radio with huge variety.”

Jarrod Graetz, Head of Programming of Stripe said: “We are proud to launch Stripe in Australia – this huge range of listener driven, genre specific radio stations.
A great advantage of our service is that you don’t need a new device or gadget to hear us. If you’ve got 3G coverage, you can access your favourite music and programs from your (3G) mobile phone, and of course on broadband internet. No ad breaks, less interruptions, more music.
We position ourselves as “What you want on radio” because we believe Stripe delivers what Australia wants.”

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