Emerging Mobile Startups of Australia

Mobile device is the next PC and this is an emerging market with a lot of potential ($) across the globe. Apple's iPhone is revolutionizing this space and demonstrating successfully with its launch of iPhone 2.0, that a smart mobile device is the way to go. There is no doubt in my mind that we are ushering into an era where we are connected to the cloud 24 hrs (the internet has become a utility service), courtesy of a smart mobile device like the iPhone.

Mobile is the next platform for consuming services and it's the next battlefield for technology companies/entrepreneurs. Apple's iPhone has been embraced similar to the standing ovation that Barack Obama is receiving wherever he goes. People are now looking for Google's response via its Android initiative. This is going to be an interesting battle.

In Australia, it's a different story, even though iPhone 2.0 is in short supply and is a hit with consumers, But 3 telco's data plan suggests opportunistic ripoff of their customers. I think they still don't get it what they are missing by having these ridiculous plans. Anyway, no further bashing of telcos because this requires a separate post. Today I have compiled this list of emerging startups in Australia in the Mobile domain. Let's explore these emerging startups.

- is a free mobile social messenger. It is a way to effortlessly message and update your friends with what you’re doing, wherever you are.

Me2mobile - is a new entrant in the area of enabling Mobile Interactivity. It is a self-service portal that allows ordinary users to produce interactive mobile applications that were once provided by traditional mobile media companies such as mobile operators and mobile marketing companies.

Mig33 - Global mobile and web-based community, including social networking and messaging such as IM, email, text and photo sharing.

Mint - a completely portable payment system that allows businesses to invoice customers and directly process credit card transactions securely Anywhere, Anytime! Whether you’re a large multinational with a mobile sales force or a self-employed tradesperson, whether your business takes you on the road or you’re just looking for a fresh way to improve in-store promotions, Mint works for you.

Mostyle - comes from “Mobile” + “Lifestyle” - a telco-independent mobile ecosystem that not only provides the tools to build a mobile site but offers the distribution, community and multiple enablers for the monetising of mobile content through advertising or micropayments.

Qmcodes - Brings print media to mobile. With the QMCODES proprietary Interactive Print Platform™, traditional Magazine and Newspaper publishers can link readers to richer digital content on the mobile Internet directly from the printed article. The platform's ability to track individual user behaviour across multiple articles and publications, coupled with highly targeted mobile ad-serving and innovative m-commerce solutions offers print publishers new revenue channels in a first for true media convergence.

Podmo Mobile - World's first free mobile communication network. It a free mobile network for end users.

Skytechnologies - SkyMobile allows users to access SAP (business) applications on a mobile device. It utilises the standard business templates offered by Sky Technologies or designing, building and deploying your own mobile application (without the need for specialised skills).

YoMo - Bluetooth broadcasting mobile platform that delivers rich content freely.

Fluc - an innovative new mobile advertising network that not only lets publishers monetize their content but also lets mobile users opt-in to be paid to receive targeted SMS-based advertisements.

I'm sure there are other ventures that I'm not aware of. So if you think that I have missed some of them, then please let me know via comments/email and I will update this list.

Update: A few more Mobile Startups have been brought to my attention.

Locatrix - provides mobile social networking solutions for deployment by network operators and location-based services to corporate customers and application solution providers. It uses location to create and shape mobile content experiences that engage subscribers and generate ARPU. This is the engine beneath Telstra’s (Sensis) Whereis Everyone.

Momentumgroup - Mobile Video streaming with live wireless video streaming over the Internet, delivering virtual communication solutions across many different industries – from getting real-time video of life-threatening emergency situations to streaming educational sessions into classrooms.
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iVolve - an innovative technology company providing intelligent wireless solutions for mobile networks in Transport, Construction and mining sites for GPS/Collision avoidance.

2nd Update: A few more Mobile Startups have been mentioned in the Comments
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Anonymous said…
LoopMobile is an emerging mobile company - http://www.loopmobilelimited.com/
Unknown said…
Hi Vishal,

Nice coverage. Id like to volunteer another one - Xumii


Anonymous said…
One more to add - http://www.mcommstv.com
Anonymous said…
SMSPup Mobile - http://www.smspupmobile.com.au/
Anonymous said…
Good work on the list.. It'd be nice to know where all these guys got their funding and what loo-paper business plans there are out there *LOL*.

Another local Navigation / Tracking / Despatch / Team networking solution : C1 Mobile.