Startups Business Model Survey 2008

What is the average monthly revenue of an early-stage startup? That's one question a lot of entrepreneurs ask about early-stage startups in a given market segment, especially while investigating the feasibility of a startup business.

Early-stage startups generally face an uphill walk when it comes to solidifying their business model. For that purpose, we have launched the Startups Business Model Survey 2008 -- an open survey for all early-stage startups to participate in, and eventually learn more about the functional business models of other startups in a similar market segment catering to a similar audience. This global survey presents an open comparative analysis of the business model of early-stage (ideally up to 12 months old) startups.

If you represent an Internet startup, then please take a moment to share some information regarding your own startup's business model, keeping your identity anonymous if you want. We hope that this survey-based analysis will help early-stage startups gauge their business model and revenue streams better. For a richer results set, we will be consolidating information from the Australian Startups Carnival we conducted a few weeks ago, with this survey.

Startup founders can submit revenue figures regarding their own startup, keeping their startup identity anonymous if they want. Survey results will be published on this blog in the next few days, once there's enough data for suitable analysis. We hope to bring forward a simple but informative report on the business model data of early-stage startups. Interested visitors can review the survey results to better understand the revenue trends and figures of early-stage startups, and gauge their own business model and revenue streams better.

Please bookmark this web page to stay tuned on the survey results and more scoop.

Image credit: Hitech