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Following Startups & Tech Trends is a leading tech portal, discovering the next generation of startups, innovation & tech trends in Australia . It has a large and highly influential readership, and is rising in rankings everday since its inception in Feb, 2008.
We are now expanding our coverage in areas like IT (Enterprise, Product, Open source, SAAS, eCommerce,)/Telecom (Mobile, OSS/BSS, Wireless), Media (News, Social Networking), marketing/Branding, Green Tech (Sustainability, Carbon trading), R&D. As part of this commitment:

  • We cover more new start-ups, new business models and technology trends in various domains.
  • We are also conducting interviews with people who started their start-up but now have a matured business, CEO's, Media Personalities, Philanthropists, and VC’s to share with all of you.
To support us in this mamoth task, we are offering sponsorship ad units, on the sidebar of this site and at the bottom of each post . As a sponsor, you will be associating your brand with this coverage of australian startups, products, new business models, tech trends, read by thousands of influential people every day.

Ad Specs:

  • 125 by 125, 468 by 60 and 250 by 250 pixel size
  • Links to the company product page
  • You may insert a tracking code to monitor the performance of your ad
There are 10-12 ad spaces on sidebar.
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