Shadow Gap - Architecture Visualisation

Today we showcase the story of another emerging venture, from Melbourne, Australia, Shadow Gap - Architecture Visualisation, founded by Daniel Nitsche.

In a recent email-based interview with Daniel, he gave insights into how he is managing and juggling. This is what he has to say in his interview with us:

• How long it took before it was up and running
It took about a month to create the images needed for the website as well as the website itself.

• Stage of Venture
The website went live online in March 2009. At the moment I am still in the very early stages of the venture.

• Which Market Segment
Property development, construction and marketing.

• Customers
Property developers, architects and builders make up the bulk of my target market.

• Targeted Age Group
All ages

• Users Using Service
The website currently has an average of about fifty unique visitors each day.

• Main competitors
A large number of architectural visualisation studios across Australia.

• Technology Stack used

• How Much Money is Used/Reqd.
Approximately AU$20,000 so far.

• Main Barriers.
Decreased construction due the recent to economic downturn.

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